Thermocouple Connector

Standard Connector (Model: DL)

Solid pin plug and socket are made of extension and compensating grade alloys which are housed in color-coded heat-resistance plastic shells of 220°C rating. Select connector in accordance with the type of thermocouple to be used. For special high temperature application, 640°C rated ceramic shell type connectors is available.

Code Type of Thermocouple Used Shell Color (JIS)
DL-K K Blue
DL-J J Yellow
DL-T T Brown
DL-E E Purple
DL-R R Black

Miniature Connector (Model: DS)

Except smaller flat bar plug is used, construction is similar to that of standard connector. Recommended for small size THERMIC up to 3.2mm O.D.

Code Type of Thermocouple Used Shell Color
DS-K K Blue
DS-J J Yellow
DS-T T Brown
DS-E E Purple
DS-R R Black