Certification of Russia

We have recently obtained Russian certifications (GOST-R).

As the safety and quality of our products has been approved, we can utilize the certifications listed below if necessary so as to deliver thermocouples and resistance temperature detector to Russia problem-free.
Our affiliate company in Singapore, Yamari Singapore Pte Ltd, has also obtained the same certifications and can do likewise.

Gost Approval

Also called “type approval” and needed for clearing Russian customs. We have obtained a VNIIS Letter that proves that no type approval is necessary for our thermocouples and resistance temperature sensors.

Pattern Approval

This certification provides a product license that enables use of measuring devices in the Russian Federation. We have obtained pattern approval for sheathed thermocouples, protection tube type thermocouples, sheathed resistance temperature detectors, and protection tube type resistance temperature detectors.

Explosion Proof Approval

We have obtained Russian certification for flameproof constructions for our several types of devices such as 2-wire temperature transmitter and multi-point temperature sensors based on sheathed thermocouples and sheathed resistance temperature detectors.

Permission For Application

For explosion-proof products that we deliver to Russia, we have obtained licenses for use in explosion-proof areas after having passed a quality audit by the Russian State Inspection for Technical and Mining Supervision (GGTN:GOSGORTEKHNAZOR), an organization which supervises and constructs guidelines concerning industrial safety.

Primary Calibration

Measuring devices are usually calibrated by GOST when installed, but as we have obtained primary calibration certification we are exempt from this initial calibration, which can thus reduce initial costs.