Procedure Qualification Report (PQR)

When welding pressurized equipment and pipes, relevant regulations (standards) require testing in accordance with the weld and hook method of pressure parts, weld method of non-pressure parts (ex. lags) with pressure parts, type of parent material, type of weld rod, preheat temperature, stress relieving method, type of shield gas, etc., and welding using a previously validated method.

Welding engineers, welding methods, and welding method inspection reports certified according to the relevant regulations are required when welding flanges with the wells of our flanged thermowells as well.

We believe that assuring the weld quality required by the relevant regulations (standards) is necessary in preventing any trouble occurring with welds and in enabling the stable operation of applicable equipment and plants. We, therefore, strive to maintain and improve the skills of engineers and of weld quality through the acquisition of compliant engineers and welding certifications