Out of all non-conventional energy sources, wind energy leads the scenario, it is available in plenty and also pollution free. Temperature, air pressure and air humidity have an important influence on wind energy. Temperature measurement is used for preventive and predictive maintenance. You can measure it with a variety of sensors, but the most commonly used sensors for temperature measurement are thermocouples or resistance temperature detectors (RTDs). An acquisition device that has a narrow input range and cold-junction compensation is ideal for this measurement. Internal and external ambient temperatures are common structural health measurements. More importantly, temperature measurements of individual components, such as the generator’s rotor and stator, are important to diagnose and prevent issues in the turbine.

YAMARI manufactures a number of temperature sensors for various applications in the energy sector. From miniature temperature sensors for wind turbine bearings to durable thermocouples for boiler and piping systems, we make sensors for almost any energy application. Specific sensor assemblies include Thermowells and are fitted with transmitters when remote readings are required. Acutely accurate RTD sensors are available for precision applications.

Thrust Bearing Temperature Sensor

  • The detector elements are located in more proximity to the tip in order to measure the bearing metal temperature accurately.
  • Detector and lead wires are encapsulated with Teflon thoroughly, which makes the temperature sensor more resistant against vibration, wire breakage and leakage of oil.