Temperature is a key parameter for most irradiation experiments; Major Difficulties are associated with high-temperature measurements for long-term irradiations. As Type K and Type N thermocouples fail frequently under irradiation above 1000°C (the commonly accepted limit for Type K is about 1080°C), in-pile temperature measurements in this range have typically employed Tungsten-Rhenium thermocouples (W・5%Re- W・26%Re alloys) at the same time YAMARI recommends not to use this thermocouple in air or other oxidizing atmospheres because of its strong affinity to oxygen.

Tungsten Rhenium Thermocouple

  • Compared to platinum elements, the tungsten rhenium thermocouple has a high and relatively linear thermal emf output.
  • Tungsten Rhenium can measure temperature over a range extending to 2,300℃.
  • Noble metal thermocouples are usually used in oxidizing or inert atmosphere. Tungsten Rhenium thermocouples are suitable for use in reducing or inert atmosphere and in vacuum or nuclear environments