Oil & Gas

Oil and gas production is heavy-duty work for man and machine, which takes place under extreme conditions like enormous forces, massive vibrations and explosive gases. The oil/gas industry has several critical requirements to the process in order to prevent moisture, overheating, corrosion, and inefficient fuel usage.

YAMARI offers a number of temperature sensors for the many different processes in the extraction, production, refining and distribution of oil, gas and other petrochemicals. Examples of these are Teflon coated assemblies that resist corrosion and chemical attack. These sensor assemblies are built for direct immersion in the process, while other types are constructed with a Thermowells for protection. YAMARI also carries a broad line of explosion-proof sensor assemblies. Most of these sensor assemblies are available with explosion proof heads and transmitter options.

YAMARI is specialized in manufacturing sensors for LNG tanks; LNG tank sensor requires high accuracy and stability at extremely low temperatures. Utilizing our technological expertise of sensor manufacturing and calibration technology accredited to JCSS (Japan Calibration Service System) for the wide temperature range, YAMARI can produce a 170 meters-long RTD thermometer with an accuracy of class A or better. YAMARI is presently certified under IICT6 Explosion-Proof in many countries for various sensors including multi-point sensors.

LNG Sensor