Thermal power plants generate electricity using heat energy of the steam generated in the boilers. The heat energy required is supplied from fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas. Temperature monitoring is very important in every process that involves heat. Thermal power plant boiler, steam production process requires real-time temperature monitoring to monitor the process. Abnormal conditions such as over-heating can occur anytime and can lead to accidents such as explosion and fire which can be disastrous. With proper temperature measurement, abnormal condition occurrence can be detected prior to accident and immediate action can be taken to prevent from damages.

YAMARI provides excellent stability and long life temperature sensors for super critical power plant applications:

Thermocouples–Our thermocouples are installed in boiler super heaters/Re-heaters, water wall, furnace flue gas, preheated air, water after economize and steam temperature for remote transmissions for measuring high temperatures.

RTD’s–It is used for accurate measurement of feed water, condensate, bearing oil, lubricating oil and winding temperature for remote transmissions.

Thin Film Pad Thermocouple

YAMARI has developed a thin film pad type metal sheathed thermocouple, which has redeeming features and can be installed easily on the tube. Thin film pad type THERMIC consists of metal sheathed thermocouple which is sandwiched in between two sheets of thin film in 0.08mm thickness, and fixed by spot-welding.


  • Installation only requires portable spot-welding machine.
  • THERMIC can be installed with water or oil remained in the tube.
  • No preheating or annealing is required at installation.
  • Because the pad of THERMIC is only 0.16mm thick, it can be easily installed along the tube wall.
  • Tensile strength of the pad of THERMIC adequately welded on the tube wall is 100kgf/cm2 or more.
  • Temperature response time of THERMIC is faster than that of the conventional pad type thermocouple.

Water wall Tube Skin Thermocouple

Chemical cleaning to remove scale from inner surface of boiler tubes has periodically been conducted to prevent accidents of overheating, hydrothermal eruption and blowout breakage. In order to minimize the cleaning frequency, appropriate grasp of timing of the chemical cleaning is important, and accurate temperature measurement of water wall tubes is required. “Embedded-in-Grooves” type water wall tube skin thermocouples, co-developed with the Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry in Japan for high durability, accuracy and workability, have been widely used by customers.