Thin Film Pad Thermocouple

YAMARI has developed a thin film pad type metal sheathed thermocouple, which has redeeming features and can be installed easily on the tube. Thin film pad type THERMIC consists of metal sheathed thermocouple which is sandwiched in between two sheets of thin film in 0.08mm thickness, and fixed by spot-welding.


  • Installation only requires portable spot-welding machine.
  • THERMIC can be installed with water or oil remained in the tube.
  • No preheating or annealing is required at installation.
  • Because the pad of THERMIC is only 0.16mm thick, it can be easily installed along the tube wall.
  • Tensile strength of the pad of THERMIC adequately welded on the tube wall is 100kgf/cm2 or more.
  • Temperature response time of THERMIC is faster than that of the conventional pad type thermocouple.