Cables primarily employed for heating appliances and fixtures such as semiconductor platens, with MgO insulation, 316SS or Inconel 600 sheath, and either one or two identical resistance elements. The cables have both high electrical insulation resistance and high thermal conductivity, and provide excellent flexibility and durability.


  • Excellent durability. Continuous use up to 600℃
  • High electrical insulation resistance
  • Excellent flexibility. Bendable down to 3 times of sheath O.D.

Types of Microheater

Single and double heating elements are available. Sheath O.D. from 1.0mm to 8.0mm

HM50: Terminal Head Type
HM40: Terminal Head Type at both ends
HM20: Stud Type at both ends

HM30: Flexible Lead Type
Stud Type at both ends with Cold Leads

*Please consult us for other special heater and specifications.