Metal Sheathed RTD (RESIMIC)

RESIMIC has a monolithic structure comprising of platinum resistance element and MI cable (MgO compacted, metal sheathed lead wires). This RTD has very quick response, longer service life and high accuracy under critical conditions.

Type PT100, JPT100
Sheath O.D. (mm) 3.2, 4.8, 6.0, 6.4, 8.0
Lead Connection 2-wires, 3-wires, 4-wires
Number. of Element 1(single), 2(double)
Rated Current 1mA, 2mA, 5mA(only for JPT100)
Class JIS Class A, JIS Class B, IEC Class A, IEC Class B


Code Operating Temperature Range
LL -200℃ up to under -40℃
ML -40℃ up to +250℃
MH under +400℃
MH under +500℃
HH under +650℃

*The above operating temperature range is our internal arrangement in production.

Standard Models of RESIMIC (Model: RM)

RMB: Flexible Lead Type
RMES(L): Metal Connector Type
RMH: Terminal Head Type


RMN: Screwed-in Plain Nipple Type
RMNF: Flange (Ferrule) Type
RMP: Wall-hanging Type (for room temp.)