Protection Tube Type RTD

This is the most typical resistance temperature detector comprising of metal protection tube in which the RTD element is embedded with ceramic insulators and lead wires. There are two types, standard type and vibration-proof type. It has high stability and reproducibility because of its simple construction.

Type PT100, JPT100
Lead Connection 2-wires, 3-wires, 4-wires
Number of Element 1(single), 2(double)
Rated Current 1mA, 2 mA, 5mA(only for JPT100)
Class JIS Class A, JIS Class B, IEC Class A, IEC Class B


Code Operating Temperature Range
L -200℃ up to +100℃
M 0℃ up to +250℃
H 0℃ up to +400℃

*The above operating temperature range is our internal arrangement in production.

Standard Models of Protection Tube Type RTD (Model: RE)

RE12: Metal Protection Tube Type
RE13: Metal Protection Tube Type (Screwed)
RE14: Metal Protection Tube Type (Flanged)