Temperature Calibration Service

JCSS Accreditation

Temperature measurement for process control, examination, and inspection can be assured by using the appropriate secondary standard thermometer, which is traceable to the National Standard. Since Laboratory on August 12, 1994, our certifiable temperature range has been extended several times, mostly recently from -196°C to 1554°C. JCSS is in conformity with ISO/IECI17025, and the JCSS calibration certificate may be accepted internationally through ILAC/APLAC MRA.

The emblems symbolize the traceability system in accordance with the measurement law.0037 is the JCSS accreditation number awarded to the yamari Standard Laboratory for the temperature range from -196°C to 1554°C.

Variety of JCAA Calibration Service

  • Fixed point calibration and comparison calibration for platinum resistance thermometers.
  • Fixed point calibration and comparison calibration for thermometers with indicators.
  • Comparison calibration for liquid-in-glass thermometers.
  • Fixed point calibration and comparison calibration for thermocouples.
  • Fixed point calibration for fixed pointer cells and fixed pointer realizing apparatus.
  • Comparison calibration for portable calibration baths.

JCSS On-site Calibration

National’s first JCSS accreditation for on-site calibration in the category of the Temperature/Non-contact thermometer was granted to Yamari in April 2006. By this accreditation, the traceability of on-site calibration has been establish at Yamari for platinum resistance thermometers, thermocouples, and thermometers with indicators in the temperature range from -30C to 1100C. Because no need to remove sensors from system, on-site calibration enables shortening down time of temperature measuring system, increasing efficiency and cost-saving.