High Temperature Multi-Point Thermocouple

For temperature range of above 1200℃ up to 1450℃, where metal sheathed compacted MgO type thermocouple can no longer be used as well as any of superalloys, Platinum-Rhodium group thermocouples of Types S, R and B are used with high purity Quartz protection tubes and Alumina insulators. At present major applications of such a High Temperature Multi-point Thermocouple seems to be concentrated for use on measurement of temperature profile in a diffusion furnace of semi-conductor industry. Due to limitation of the furnace inlet, 2〜5 points assembly is prevailed. For special applications, Silicon Carbide outer protection tube can be used. Please consult our sales for technical assistance.

Standard Designs of High Temp. Multi-Point Thermocouple :
Straight Quartz or Alumina Tube protected Type
Protection Tubes High Purity Quartz, Alumina and Special SiC tube
Thermocouple Type R, S and B
Measuring points 2〜5 max.
Measuring range Type R and S 1200℃ (Quartz Tube), Type B 1600℃ (Alumina Tube)
Length of Assembly 1〜2 meters
Overall Dia. of Assembly 12〜25 mm.
Accuracy Standard Grade ±0.25% of Reading.
Premium Grade
±0.1% of Reading (Type R only)
*SiC tube is optional, but sometimes needs to protect thermocouple wires from contamination by inner protective coating or clean Alumina inner tube,
Bent protection Tube Type Specifications are same as above, but the cold end of the protection tube is bent approx. 90 Deg. to fit for limited installation space.