Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer(BB(S) 962/2.5)

BB(S) 962/2.5 is the Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer jointly developed with National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST/NMIJ) as an interpolation device for measurements from +660℃ to approximately +962℃. Employing a sensing element with a single helix coil structure (Japan Pat. No.3380523) provides superior stability at high temperature and vibration resistance. Adopting a sapphire coil frame and a sapphire sheath has improved both electrical insulation and the contamination of the sensing element.

Sensing Element Single helix coil wound in a sapphire sensing frame at noninductive winding (L ≦ 40mm)
Sensing Element Platinum (4-wires connection)
Sapphire Sheath φ7mm x approx.570mm length
Sensing Handle φ19mm x approx.100mm, Aluminum outer casing
Lead Wires 4 teflon insulated copper wires jacketed with cross-linked polyethylene x 2.5m
Temperature Range from +660.323℃(Al FP) to 961.78℃( Ag FP)
Resistance Value approx. 25.5Ω R0
Resistance Ratio WGa (29.7646℃) ≧ 1.11807 WAg(961.78℃)≧4.2844
Reproducibility within 5mK