Multi-Point Thermocouple

For many critical processes from tall reactor vessels, catalytic crackers, flare stacks to small horizontal diffusion furnaces used in semi-conductor industry, monitoring of temperature profile and distributions at each required location is one of the most important parameters for efficient control and safety of the process. Our Multi-Point thermocouples are an ideal solution on such temperature measuring requirements, particularly in cases where installation space is limited and yet reliability is of prime concern. Multi-Point Thermocouple assembly consists of already proven THERMIC Metal Sheathed Thermocouple units in calibrations of Types T, J, E, K and N up to 1200°C with all grades of stainless steel, Inconel 600 and 625, Incoloy 825 sheath, etc. Outer protection thermowell, heat resistant terminal connections and dust or explosion-proof terminal enclosure can be supplied connected with extension neck and flange for the ease of installation even at hostile environments. Most of Multi-Point thermocouples are custom designed to the user’s specific requirements. Please consult our sales team specifying the model number, type of thermocouple, number of measuring point, protection sheath or tube material and dimensions.

Standard Designs of Multi-Point Thermocouple :
Free Hanging Type Generally consists of small diameter outer tubes and THERMIC Thermocouples. 2〜12 measuring points, Assembly length 20 meters max. Temperature readings may be affected by convection and radiation inside the protection tube. Economical but slower response and rather low accuracy. Not recommended for applications where continuous vibration is encountered.
Multi-Guide Plug Type Robust construction and most common for vessel and cracking tower. Each hot junction is held in a guide plug. 2〜10 measuring points, Assembly length 20 meters max. Long life and less maintenance. Better sensitivity and reasonable accuracy.
Spring or Thermostat Loaded Type A heat resistant plate spring or thermostat presses to contact each hot junction to inner wall of the protection tube. Rugged, stable construction. 2〜10 measuring points, assembly length 20 meters max. Reasonable life and less maintenance. Quicker response and good accuracy.
Swaged-in Type Numbers of THERMIC Metal Sheathed Thermocouples having different location of hot junction are oversheathed by heat and corrosion resistant alloy tube and then swaged down to an integrated tight multiple assembly of minimal heat mass. Smallest diameter assembly, recommended for narrow installation space. Can be bent for easy installation. Assembly length 30 meters max. 3〜20 measuring points, robust, quick response, long service life and good accuracy.