Explosion-proof (Flameproof Construction) Temperature Sensors

In addition to a wide variety of explosion-proof temperature sensors that comply with Japanese (Technology Institution of Industrial Safety), European (ATEX/KEMA) and Russian (GOST) standards listed above, our products have been certified for Cl.I Div.1 Gr.A/B/C/D or IIC T6 explosion-proof by notified bodies in U.S. (FM), China (NEPSI) and Korea (KOSHA). We provide temperature sensors that can be used in all explosive gas and vapor atmospheres including hydrogen and acetylene.

Our temperature sensors also have been certified for dust-ignition proof intended for the use in explosive atmospheres caused by air/dust mixtures including metal, coal, crop, etc. in accordance with European (ATEX/KEMA) and U.S. (FM) standards.